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2 years ago

wodrun - We love Women. Dressed and Undressed.

The next visit was a surprise. Keith called me and invited me to join him and he was a lover Sue knew nothing about justice. I had a small private pool in a local hotel for an hour on a night when they swim naked all three could play a bit and committed. I picked it up at a pub near his home, where Sue was thinking, spend time with friends. We went to the city by the sea and in wodrun the back of a hotel. They checked in, we waited for the previous user left and then subtracted, was completed just as a woman of 40 years of age at the door (which immediately locked). Her name was Anne. She made ​​a joke about catching that tells us that they, and without, to be stripped. She was a bit awkward, but it was a good-sized breasts. Keith kissed and rubbed his hand over his cock as he groped her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. wodrun Ana got a laugh and then hugged me and squeezed the tits on my chest and kissed me. I felt his hand on my dickBut before he could react he had gone and got into the pool. Keith and I went and swam a little. For the next half hour or so I have been in circulation to the alternating play, as we have done together. I watched as she hugged and groped each other in the water and then I joined them Anne sandwich between us, with his hands on each other. Keith slipped and sat on the edge of the pool ( it was wodrun hot ) and Anne swam to the other end. I went to talk with him, but it is clear that his cock was right at mouth level, so I wodrun went to him. He soon had to stop because he wanted to save his sperm wodrun later. Ana looked up and approached me and gave me a hug. This time he pulled his tail between his legs and used it to rub her clitoris. It was time to go. It dries quickly and entered the car at the home of Anne. We had coffee and then suddenly started again - all naked, playing and playing all the others. Keith then let me down by not explaining whatto do in the eye. I love being a wodrun big woman I in him. I love meat rolls her belly to me. I love swinging tits on his chest and face. So when Anne was Keith beat me to go I was very excited. He was after all far before I was about to cum. I struggled to maintain as long as I could, but fuck I was holding. I could not see what Keith did, only I had known he was behind it. I wodrun left with a strong cry and pushed my hips, my sperm saved launch Ana pussy, I heard him say. "Oh, it hurts, I do not like what" I realized too late that it has tried to penetrate his double. He wodrun kept the pressure and got his dick inside like her, but at that time, was rapidly falling in on itself and my penis out of Ana 's pussy in a pool of our juices. I think Keith was angry, and put on all fours and fucked her pussy instead. I asked then why had not told us what was going to do, andadmitted that he knew she would not. However, if a little annoyed with Keith, Anne was very good to me. She cleaned my cock and kissed me Cummy lips, before we all got wodrun dressed and to establish our homes. was Anne meet again in Part 4

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